To Think Differently, first we need to Think

In today's business world of Smartphones, email, texts and all sorts of other technological distractions, our power to Think has been seriously undermined.

Here at Think Differently our Purpose is to make that happen. And then, to ensure you Think Differently.

Business Consultant

Why You Should Care ?

Are you happy with your revenue? Are you happy with your profits? Are your people performing to their potential, every day? Are you happy with your strategy? Are you executing it, relentlessly? Are you comfortable as a leader? Do you sleep well?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then don't call me. If the answer is no, to just one question, then click on the button to find out more.

Management Consulting

What's Management Consulting

Do you smell the flowers? Do you even enjoy smelling flowers? If not, do you have the opportunity to enjoy the time you are not working? We all have a purpose in life. For some it is to merely exist. For others it is to achieve something significant. If you are reading this, my guess, for you, is the latter. At Think Differently we believe in smelling the flowers and reflecting on success and achievement

Why You Should Believe Me

The internet is full of Consultants, Advisers, Mentors and Coaches all advertising their wares to an, at times, skeptical market. We understand that. We know there are some operators out there that don't have the experience, that don't have a management and leadership background mixed with chunks of academic rigour. Download our free eBook on "Questions to ask before hiring a Business Consultant" and view our testimonials


To craft an effective Strategy you will need Foresight, Analysis and Deep Thought. Above all you will need to follow a Structure that ensures the Discipline required is consistent and successful. At Think Differently we provide that Structure and Discipline. With over 35 years of experience in crafting successful Strategies we also provide the “nous” and “smarts” that are so rare these days. Contact us now to start your journey

is the Key

At Think Differently we prescribe to the premise that no matter how good your Strategy is, if you don’t Execute it will be worthless. Successful Strategy is 5% Vision and 95% Hard Work. Think Differently will provide the Discipline, Rigour and Rhythm that is essential for successful Execution. Contact us now for more


There is now no doubt that the best way to positively effect Business Performance is to improve Leadership Effectiveness. That is why Think Differently is an Accredited supplier of The Leadership Circle Assessment and Development Programme. The Leadership Circle (TLC) provides an Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance, widely recognised as the most effective Leadership Development Programme in the World today. Contact us now to begin your journey to be the most Effective Leader you can be