To truly Think Differently, we must first think.

In this world of technological progress things change faster than we can keep track of and there are an ever-increasing amount of competitors for our attention. Unfortunately, these factors have caused our collective cognitive abilities to be undermined, challenged by incessant electronic activity of all kinds.

When you look for a Business Consultant, you want one who is cognisant of this modern world, as well as the trials & tribulations that it brings to both business in a general sense, and your company specifically.

Business Consultant

What is Management Consulting?

Do you smell the flowers? Do you even enjoy smelling the flowers? If not, do you have the opportunity to enjoy the next time you are not working? Those who answered in the negative must look at themselves and wonder why that is - we all have noses, after all. We also, every one of us, have a purpose in life. For some, it is merely to exist. For the determined few, it is to achieve something significant. If you are reading this, my guess is that you belong to the latter category. At Think Differently we believe in stopping to smell the flowers and reflecting on success and achievement.

Management Consulting

Why you should believe me

The internet is full of consultants, coaches, advisors and mentors all advertising their dubious wares to an at-times skeptical market. We understand that. We know there are some gung-ho operators out there in the field that don’t have experience, nor a management and leadership background reinforced with chunks of academic rigour. Download our free eBook on “Questions to ask before hiring a business consultant” if you need written, published proof. View our testimonials either here or in the book for confirmation of what you may already suspect - we at Think Differently take our work seriously, and this results in immense success for our clients.

Why should you care?

Are you happy with your revenue? Are you happy with your profits? Are your people performing to their potential every day? Are you happy with your strategy? Are you executing it relentlessly? Are you comfortable as a leader? Do you sleep well?

If your answer to all of those questions is yes, don’t call me. You seem to have everything under control. If your answer to even one question is no, get in touch today and let me and my team change those answers to a strong, resounding YES!

Teaching Business Strategy

Teaching Business Strategy

The narrow minded amongst us may believe that strategy is something innate, a talent unlockable by the gifted few and untransferable to the rest. This is a bald-faced lie.

Like an infant who does not yet know the rules of chess, yet is destined to become a future grand-master, you and the other potential strategists within your business can be schooled on effective techniques and strategies that will not only take you to the top of your chosen arena, but enable you to continue schooling yourselves.

We’ve all heard the cliche regarding fish as a gift versus fishing as a skill, I’m sure. Well, at Think Differently, we don’t give gifts. We are here to teach you and your company how to fish.

Crafting strategy

To craft an effective strategy you will need the admirable traits of Foresight, Analysis and Deep Thought. Be thankful that every staff member of Think Differently enjoys copious amounts of these qualities. Above all you will need to follow a structure, outlined by a knowledgeable and experienced Business Consultant that ensures the discipline required to implement your strategy is consistent and successful. At Think Differently we provide you with that Structure and Discipline. With over 35 years of experience in crafting successful Strategies we also provide the nous and smarts that are so rare these days. Contact us right now if you want to start your journey.

Execution is the key

At Think Differently we prescribe to the premise that no matter how good your strategy is, if you don’t execute it effectively it will be completely and utterly worthless. Successful strategy is 5% vision and 95% hard work. Think Differently will provide the discipline and rigour that is essential for successful execution. Contact us now for more information on ways to execute an excellent, custom-built strategy.

Leadership development

There is now no doubt in my mind or the minds of my team that the best way to positively affect business performance is to improve leadership effectiveness. Contact us now to begin your journey to be the most effective leader you can be.

Things to consider

Outlined below are some of what any business owner should be considering when planning for the transformation of their business - this list is not extensive, but is a good start to get you thinking, so that when you come to us your thoughts are productive and clear. Therefore, some things you should keep in mind are -

  • Timeframe - when do you want your plan to be complete by, and when do you want it implemented
  • Keeping on top of your accounting - if your books are in order, it is far easier for us to know exactly where you are at, and this of course assists us in assisting you
  • Know inside and out the extent to which your assets and liabilities balance or outweigh each other - this will provide invaluable data with which to value your business, and give us a good starting point for strategy implementation

Contact us

As mentioned above, if you answered no to even one of the questions asked here, get in touch with us today at 021 431990. The Think Differently team is ready to pass on our expertise and increase the success of any and all businesses willing to solicit and accept our advice.