I mean something DIFFICULT. Maybe you’re attempting in vain to reach a ridiculously high word count, or engaging every muscle in your upper body while battling against the lid of that jar – we have all been out of our depth at one time or another. In such times, there are of course many courses of action available to you. You might drop to your knees and offer a prayer to your God. You may curl up into a ball and resign yourself to the seeming impossibility of your task. You may even go outside and run around in futile circles, making doomed efforts to get the creative juices flowing, the blood pumping within. But I suspect you won’t do any of these things, at least not right away. I think it is more likely that when faced with an unopenable jar, an uncooperative assignment, or anything else beyond your current capabilities, you will do something far more human – you will ask for help. As a business advisor, it is my job to offer this help & advice, and it is my duty to offer it well.

Read on if you are in need of advice regarding business, including succession, strategy and management, as well as any other business-related concern – we can and will advise you to the best of our ability about damn near anything

Business Advisor

Business Strategy Advisors

Just as the bee knows how to pollinate the dandelion, so do certain people know how to advise on Business Strategy. At Think Differently, we take our name seriously. The advice we offer is not some run of the mill nonsense that anyone off the street could have come up with, nor is it a cleverly arranged but ultimately shallow collection of buzzwords that tries to capitalize on the latest business trend.

Rather, we create closely tailored methodologies that accurately reflect your long-term goals. These are composed of step-by-step, intelligent strategies that will help you bring these goals to fruition in a manner unique to your company – this is what will help you succeed.

Like a parent with one hand on their child’s shoulder, waxing lyrical about this and that, giving them the rundown, so it will be if you ask the team here at Think Differently for business strategy advice. We will tell you what you need to hear with the patience of that coach who believed in you, and answer what questions you may have in such detail as is nowhere else to be found in the current Business Advisor industry.

We at Think Differently crave success. Despite our wealth of clients, our team hungers for more. This is inspired by the era we live in – you only need to take one look outside to see the complete lack of business strategy advice and the ensuing chaos that unfortunately abounds in the current commercial colosseum within which we are all fighting for our piece.

Accurate, relevant advice

When you wistfully imagine such classic and evocative scenes as the “wild west”, for example, I can say with a large degree of certainty that you do not think of New Zealand’s current business landscape. Yet in this case, you have inexperienced, ill-advised CEOs running wild, leading companies off into the sunset with reckless abandon – one cannot help but compare our corporate world to the Texas/Mexico border of the late 1800s.

Having made this comparison, there is only one person within this environment that you would want as your Business Advisor, and that is of course Clint Eastwood (more accurately, the character he plays in Sergio Leone’s classic trilogy of westerns).

We at Think Differently boldly compare ourselves to this outlaw gunslinger in that the advice we give is given quickly and accurately like bullets from an old but trusty Colt 1851 cartridge conversion revolver. These ‘bullets’ will ensure that when you are faced with the corporate equivalent of a duel at high noon, you and your business are the first to draw.

Things to consider

If you come to us with nothing, I’m afraid there’s not much we can do. At Think Differently, we work with what we’ve got – this is why I would advise you to come prepared, so that our team can develop deep knowledge of the issues that may plague your business and put in the work to develop an effective cure. Therefore, when you approach us with the intent of soliciting expert advice, it would benefit everyone involved if you have in hand the following:

  • A detailed treatise on what it is that your business actually does
  • A list of goals you are attempting to achieve
  • Descriptions, with context and mitigating factors included, of the problems that you are looking to solve
  • Any business plans and financial documents that are relevant to your case
  • Questions! It is not enough to come to us with your hands at your temples, wracked with consternation and wailing to the heavens about the trouble you are in – we can advise you so much more effectively if the advice you need is specific, for general advice can be found anywhere, and was not developed with you in mind – our advice is, and will be more so if we tailor it to your inquiries

The Right Advisor

How do you know that we are the right purveyors of expert advice? Well, let’s pretend you didn’t just read a thousand words written with the purpose of convincing you, and go through some common things that anyone well versed in business should look out for when contemplating the acquisition of premium advice.

Firstly, the advisor you choose should be excited about your business. This will not be a problem – our team is renowned for our collective enthusiasm.

Secondly, they should make you feel confident. Book your initial consultation today and see for yourself how you feel after a relaxed meeting with one of our legendary, inspiring team members.

Finally, ask yourself if they have proven expertise in business. At Think Differently, our list of successful clientele and our 15 years in the business truly do speak for themselves. When comparing our list of traits to those recommended by Forbes, I think it’s safe to say that Think Differently hits the mark and then some.

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To craft an effective Strategy you will need Foresight, Analysis and Deep Thought. Above all you will need to follow a Structure that ensures the Discipline required is consistent and successful. At Think Differently we provide that Structure and Discipline. With over 35 years of experience in crafting successful Strategies we also provide the “nous” and “smarts” that are so rare these days. Contact us now to start your journey

is the Key

At Think Differently we prescribe to the premise that no matter how good your Strategy is, if you don’t Execute it will be worthless. Successful Strategy is 5% Vision and 95% Hard Work. Think Differently will provide the Discipline, Rigour and Rhythm that is essential for successful Execution. Contact us now for more


There is now no doubt that the best way to positively effect Business Performance is to improve Leadership Effectiveness. That is why Think Differently is an Accredited supplier of The Leadership Circle Assessment and Development Programme. The Leadership Circle (TLC) provides an Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance, widely recognised as the most effective Leadership Development Programme in the World today. Contact us now to begin your journey to be the most Effective Leader you can be