Teaching Business Strategy

The narrow minded amongst us may believe that strategy is something innate, a talent unlockable by the gifted few and untransferable to the rest. This is a bald-faced lie. 

Like an infant who does not yet know the rules of chess, yet is destined to become a future grand-master, you and the other potential strategists within your business can be schooled on effective techniques and strategies that will not only take you to the top of your chosen arena, but enable you to continue schooling yourselves. 

We’ve all heard the cliche regarding fish as a gift versus fishing as a skill, I’m sure. Well, at Think Differently, we don’t give gifts. We are here to teach you and your business how to fish.

Business Strategy

Custom Approach

Following a “one-size-fits-all” prescriptive method is equivalent to sending you a signed-and-sealed letter containing notice of immense and total business strategy failure. Every business is unique, however slight the difference to competitors may be, and within every business are its own set of obstacles.

Whether these obstacles are related to the structure of your company, the strength and initiative of your leadership, or the motivation and performance of your employees, we at Think Differently can and will point them out.

We will determine where the problem (or problems) may lie, and construct a solution based on concrete evidence, rather than some now obsolete formula that may have provided lazier consultants with success in an obscure past. Recreating proven success is not in our interest – we would rather use a specific, relevant strategy to prove it again!

Dynamic execution for genuine success

It’s all in the name. If we were driven solely by greed, instead of a heartfelt desire to help businesses in all manner of industries improve their operations, we would not be called Think Differently. Perhaps we would sport the title “Ineffective Solutions” and would need to enlist business consultants ourselves. Luckily, both for us and for you, the client, this is about as far from the truth as you can get.

Here at Think Differently we do not pressure you to make quick decisions, or use dishonest sales tactics to confuse and disorient you into purchasing services that will not benefit your business. No – that simply is not part of our agenda. We encourage you to think long and hard about what it is you truly want, considering your long-term goals and your current status, before you commit to accepting us as your business strategy consultants.

Coming to us with an extensive knowledge of where you stand currently, both internally and with regard to your competitors, as well as knowing where you want to be in the short and long term futures, will enable us to craft a strategy tailored exactly to your needs and wants, fitting your business like an Armani suit.

What IS Business Strategy?

Business strategy is the bread and butter of a company’s operations. Without defined goals and creative initiatives designed to achieve them, a business is likely to stagnate. Failing to bring in new clientele, losing those who were once faithful, and other dire omens are all direct results of a lack of strategic methods, and it does not stop there.

Maybe you have no clear plans, and yet everything seems great? Perhaps you’re still in the process of building a business and things are starting to take off. Think your business can coast along on the wave that it’s riding now? Unfortunately all waves, no matter how large, must break upon the shore, and you do not want to be there when that occurs, mercilessly washed up onto the barnacle-encrusted rocks of dismal failure.

So, a definition: business strategy is the tailoring of long term goals so that they may result in your desired vision. Your vision can be whatever you want – your strategy must take all possible factors into account to make this vision a reality. Simple in concept, yes. And yet businesses the world over seem to lack even basic notions of goals and planning. As veterans of the consultancy game, we’ve seen businesses rise to the top of their industry, while simultaneously watching numerous others crash and burn in a blaze of total confusion, ignited by the flint and kindling that together make up lack of strategy. The businesses that take our advice and work intelligently on the solutions we provide all belong to the former category – the winners, the successful, the industry-dominators, the competition-crushers. Those that do not have clear plans outlined to realize their vision, including those that cannot clearly tell us what their vision is, unfortunately belong to the latter category, and we wish them all the best.

Get in touch

For all who remain, and want excellent consultancy from some of the keenest minds in the game today, get in touch with us at 021 431990 to arrange an initial meeting. We can hash out some preliminaries and see where you would like to go, and how we can help you get there.


To craft an effective Strategy you will need Foresight, Analysis and Deep Thought. Above all you will need to follow a Structure that ensures the Discipline required is consistent and successful. At Think Differently we provide that Structure and Discipline. With over 35 years of experience in crafting successful Strategies we also provide the “nous” and “smarts” that are so rare these days. Contact us now to start your journey

is the Key

At Think Differently we prescribe to the premise that no matter how good your Strategy is, if you don’t Execute it will be worthless. Successful Strategy is 5% Vision and 95% Hard Work. Think Differently will provide the Discipline, Rigour and Rhythm that is essential for successful Execution. Contact us now for more


There is now no doubt that the best way to positively effect Business Performance is to improve Leadership Effectiveness. That is why Think Differently is an Accredited supplier of The Leadership Circle Assessment and Development Programme. The Leadership Circle (TLC) provides an Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance, widely recognised as the most effective Leadership Development Programme in the World today. Contact us now to begin your journey to be the most Effective Leader you can be