Well here we are – 2017 is upon us already. Some thoughts about the year ahead:

  • Learn to forget 2016 only when you have absolute clarity on what you learnt from last year that you will act on in 2017. In other words, reflect and decide, and then (and only then) forget

  • 2016 was the year of surprises – maybe 2017 will be the year of “it’s not that bad after all, so lets get on with it”

  • Be Positive (in a questioning, insightful, thoughtful way!)

  • Be Well – look after yourself, take the time to smell the roses

  • Be Strategic – both for your company, and for your role in your company. Be crystal clear about what your Prime Role is and be strategic about that. And if you don’t know how to do that, ring me!

  • Spend more time scheduling your priorities, not just listing them

  • Reflect more – yes I know that was in the first point but that is how important it is!

  • Keep doing the Hard Stuff – and never give up!

I have just read a response to the French law, that came into force on 1st January, that gives employees of companies over 50 staff the right to “disconnect” – companies are now legally bound to establish hours where employees do not send or receive emails. Sounds interesting but of course it won’t work. The people that will eventually be promoted will be those that keep in touch, build a strong network and do homework i.e. those that do not “disconnect!” Results from a survey carried out by Bain & Co. in the U.S. late last year bring this into focus:

  • Senior executives now receive 200 or more emails a day

  • The average frontline supervisor devotes about eight hours each week — a full business day — to sending, reading and answering e-communications

  • Of the eight hours managers devote to e-communications each week, it was estimated that 25% of that time is consumed reading emails that should not have been sent to that particular manager and 25% is spent responding to emails that the manager should never have answered

  • So the average front line manager in the U.S. (and we can relate this data to NZ) is spending half a day a week on useless e-communications

So the insight? Reflect on your own e-communications. Get that half day back! Be well, stay focused and Happy New Year


Phil Pickford