Family businesses are estimated to represent 75% of all companies in New Zealand, providing around 80% of all employment and 65% of GDP. Small and medium-sized businesses (less than 50 employees) make up 99% of all companies in NZ. The statistics are very clear – small to medium-sized businesses are the very life-blood of New Zealand. How many of these businesses have a succession plan? NO research on that – but we can guess the answer – Not Enough! The lack of a Succession Plan for your business is likened to playing Russian Roulette with your life’s work. Why would you do that?

At Think Differently we know the critical importance of Succession Planning. We know how to develop the best one specifically for your business, for your employees, for your family.

Succession Plans are not easy to put together. They can involve conflict and emotion. That’s why many businesses don’t have one, and of course, it is also the reason why you need one! Get the conflict out when you can, solve the problems and issues when you can, not when it is too late.